Defeated Donald Trump decides to take Mitch McConnell down with him

How far gone is Donald Trump? It’s late 2021, and he’s spending his time sending pathetic letters demanding he be declared the winner of the 2020 election. He’s irrelevant enough that he couldn’t drive turnout in the California recall election, and almost no one showed up for the pro-Trump whack job rally in DC this weekend.

Trump is toast, and on some level he knows it. It’s why he’s so focused on revenge these days. The good news for mainstream America is that Trump is mostly focused on punishing the Republican politicians he blames for his downfall.

Now Trump has decided to try to take Mitch McConnell down with him. According to the Daily Beast, Trump is endeavoring to oust Mitch McConnell as Senate Republican leader. Okay, great, go for it.


It’s not clear if Trump is even close to having the leverage to oust McConnell. But even such an attempt will force McConnell to start playing defense, and weaken him on some level. So if Trump wants to take the GOP down with him, please proceed!

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