Rudy Giuliani goes off the deep end after learning he’s going to prison

Yesterday the news broke that Rudy Giuliani sent two unnamed attorneys to offer a pardon to Michael Cohen. That means Rudy committed felony obstruction of justice, which means if he wasn’t already going to prison for his past antics, he’s definitely going to prison now. In response, suffice it to say that Giuliani isn’t taking the news well.

It started when Donald Trump quoted his own ally Hans Von Spakovsky in accusing Adam Schiff of engaging in McCarthyism, initially spelling it as “McCathyism.” After Rudy Giuliani got the news yesterday that he’d been busted, he referenced Trump’s quote and added this sheer nonsense: “This includes the payments Cohen has lied about which are not campaign contributions if they had any personal purpose. Cohen may not remember it but he slipped in his perjury laden testimony and supplied ample evidence that they had a personal purpose. So do his tapes.”

From there it was all quickly downhill. Former prosecutor Renato Mariotti responded by saying that “That is an inaccurate statement of the law.” Congressman Ted Lieu, a former prosecutor himself, said this to Rudy: “Maybe you missed it, but Cohen is going to PRISON in part because the hush money payments were illegal. That means if @realDonaldTrump wrote the checks, he became part of the conspiracy. You were a former prosecutor. You know the law. Stop lying to us.”

For some time it’s been fairly clear that something isn’t right with Rudy Giuliani. He routinely sounds like he has a small fraction of the cognitive ability he once had. He’s also apparently lost every bit of legal knowledge he ever had. Now he just sounds like a guy who knows he’s going to prison, and has no idea how to respond to it.