Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end about his tax returns

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This past week, ten years of Donald Trump’s older tax returns surfaced and revealed that he’s either always been the world’s worst businessman, or he’s always been a tax cheat, or both. This comes even as House Democrats have escalated their legal battle to obtain Trump’s more recent – and ostensibly far uglier – tax returns. It turns out Trump isn’t too happy about the whole thing.

This morning Donald Trump posted a surreal seventy-five retweets of hysterical nonsense from his various high profile supporters. Then, according to various media reports, he went golfing. After he finished cheating at golf, he decided to go right back to Twitter. This time around, his focus was squarely on his tax returns.

Trump posted this tweet, which almost defies description: “I won the 2016 Election partially based on no Tax Returns while I am under audit (which I still am), and the voters didn’t care. Now the Radical Left Democrats want to again relitigate this matter. Make it a part of the 2020 Election!” Wait a minute here, because every single word of this tweet appears to be a lie.


Donald Trump didn’t win the 2016 election; he lost it by three million votes, and only pulled off an electoral college victory because he conspired with Russia to alter the outcome in key swing states. His claim that he’s now been under continuous audit for the past four years is laugh-out-loud nonsense. The voters clearly do care, as various polls show that the majority of Americans think Trump is a criminal, and his tax returns can help expose this. But the real upshot here is that Trump is worried that his most recent tax returns are about to surface.

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