Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end after disastrous start to G7 summit

Just how badly did Donald Trump’s first day go at the G7 summit? He managed to get Emmanuel Macron’s name wrong twice. He tweeted complete gibberish at one point. By the end of the day he was hiding from the media. When Trump woke up this morning in France, suffice it to say that he didn’t take the negative coverage well.

At around 7:40am his local time, Donald Trump posted this lovely morning greeting: “Before I arrived in France, the Fake and Disgusting News was saying that relations with the 6 others countries in the G-7 are very tense, and that the two days of meetings will be a disaster. Just like they are trying to force a Recession, they are trying to “will” America into bad Economic times, the worse the better, anything to make my Election more difficult to win. Well, we are having very good meetings, the Leaders are getting along very well, and our Country, economically, is doing great – the talk of the world!”

We don’t know what “6 others countries” is supposed to mean either. More to the point, does any remotely rational person believe that the media is trying to invent a recession just to stick it to Trump? Of course not. But this is how far he now has to go in order to convince himself that he’s not the problem when it comes to his failed trade war and his failing economy. But he was just getting started.

Donald Trump then continued his rant: “Such False and Inaccurate reporting thus far on the G-7. The Fake News knows this but they can’t help themselves! Leaving now to have breakfast with Boris J.” And really, if you’re trying to convince everyone that you’re the reasonable one, the best way to do it is to have breakfast with a piece of crap like Boris Johnson. Also, after Trump misspelled “Macron” twice in one day, is he now so gun shy that he’s afraid to even try to spell “Johnson” either?

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