Devin Nunes goes off the deep end after learning the House Intel Committee is investigating him

Earlier today we got the news that’s been a long time coming: the newly Democratic-controlled House Intelligence Committee is investigating its own former Republican Chairman, Devin Nunes, for having used his position to obstruct justice on Donald Trump’s behalf. Nunes isn’t the brightest bulb in the factory, but his response was rather dumbfounding even by his standards.

New House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff released a statement earlier today which specified the five aspects of the Trump-Russia criminal conspiracy that the committee is now investigating. The fifth bullet point specifically spelled out that the committee is targeting “those in Congress” who committed obstruction on Donald Trump’s behalf.

Devin Nunes isn’t the only member of Congress who fits this description, but for the past two years he was the ringleader. Based on Schiff’s statement, there’s no question that the committee is investigating Nunes. So how did Nunes respond in the meeting where these matters were being discussed?

Devin Nunes and his GOP allies responded by asking Adam Schiff and the Democrats to launch a new investigation into Hillary Clinton, according to CNN. Schiff promptly declined, of course. Nunes just got earmarked for prison, and still the only thing he can come up with is to blame Hillary. This guy is even dumber than we thought, which is saying something.