The real reason Donald Trump is skipping out on debate prep

With election day just fifty-two days away, Donald Trump is running out of chances to try to close his long-running significant deficit in the polls. The debates represent one of his biggest remaining stages and thus one of his best opportunities to make headway. With the first debate just eighteen days away, you’d think Trump would be knee deep in preparations. You’d think wrong.

According to NBC News correspondent Geoff Bennett, Donald Trump hasn’t done anything with regard to debate prep. No mock debates. No practice. Nothing. Some of you are reading this and thinking it means Trump isn’t planning to participate in the debates. But that’s almost certainly not the case. Trump is far too much of a narcissist to pass up an opportunity to appear on national television and hurl insults at Joe Biden’s face. Trump’s participation in the debates is a near-guarantee. So what’s really going on here?

As Donald Trump continues to lose a step and become slower on the uptake, he’s becoming more overconfident in his abilities than ever. It’s why he thought he could somehow outwit Bob Woodward, the guy who took down Nixon. It’s why he thinks he can help himself with these press conferences that he doesn’t bother to prepare for. Trump is so delusional, he thinks he can simply waltz into the debate with no prep and blow Biden out of the water. Good. Let him think that.

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