Donald Trump’s Brett Kavanaugh debacle

As the confirmation hearings begin for the second Supreme Court Justice to be selected by the man who knows absolutely nothing about the Constitution, and whose first seat was stolen for him by Mitch McConnell, the week ahead looks to be a long one. We all know that Trump’s selection of his Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, was a pre-determined choice, covered by a thinly veiled, arduous questioning of the candidates.

This candidate was chosen for one reason; he has a clear written record supporting his beliefs that a sitting President cannot be indicted and should be protected from active investigations. Of course, his goal is also to overturn Roe vs Wade. Taking away the right to make your own medical decisions is the lifeblood of the Republican Party. That was a given. Protect the Second Amendment, written when men fought with muskets, and overturn Roe. Protect the unborn against abortion, and hand them a gun to protect themselves once on the outside.

It is pretty clear that Trump is no Constitutional scholar, in spite of all the legal “geniuses” he quotes. It is also clear that he has an agenda, which is to keep the anti-American, election stealing, money laundering details from a completed Mueller probe out of the collective hearing of the American Public. He will stack the Supreme Court, he will use his ill gained Executive Powers to prevent the Mueller Report from becoming public and he will tear down the Justice Department and the FBI, if he can.

Donald Trump no more cares for the rule of law than he does for the rights of the unborn. Trump only cares for Trump. During the long Labor Day holiday weekend, when we celebrated the worker, Trump blamed Jeff Sessions for the crimes of his Republican colleagues. He did not celebrate the unions that he seeks to tear apart. He did not celebrate the American worker. Why should he? All his Trump-branded garbage is made overseas. Public support for this nominee is the lowest we have seen since the nomination of Robert Bork. It seems many of us are praying for an instant replay.

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