Donald Trump’s allies tip off that Hope Hicks may be cutting a deal with Robert Mueller

Numerous major news outlets are reporting today that Donald Trump’s White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is being called to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. If you’ve been paying attention all along to the Trump-Russia scandal and investigation, you know that this does not at all mean what it sounds like on the surface. Instead the established pattern tells us that Trump’s allies on the committee think Hicks is working with, or is about to cut a deal with, Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Back when Steve Bannon signaled that he was ready to sell out Trump to Robert Mueller, the various congressional committees investigating Trump-Russia all decided to back off Bannon. That was, of course, with the singular exception of the House Intel Committee. It’s run by Trump puppet Devin Nunes, and despite the protests of the Democrats on the committee, its “Trump-Russia probe” is nothing more than a sham aimed at keeping Trump in the loop about Mueller’s investigation. The committee tried (and failed) to force Bannon to reveal what he was about to tell Mueller, before Bannon ultimately went ahead and told everything to Mueller.

So now that the House Intel Committee is tapping Hope Hicks on the shoulder, there is only one way to interpret this: Trump’s allies on that committee are once again trying to figure out what Hicks is telling the legitimate investigators. The twist here is that Hicks already spent two full days testifying for Robert Mueller awhile back, which makes things a bit different than the Bannon situation.

By hauling in Hope Hicks right now, the House Intel Committee is tipping off that it thinks or fears Hicks is about to cut a deal with Mueller – and it’s trying to learn what Hicks is preparing to tell Mueller, so Donald Trump can begin playing defense against it. Why would Hicks flip now? Trump’s former legal spokesman recently testified to Mueller that he overheard Hicks promising to suppress or destroy evidence against Donald Trump Jr.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report