Hey Donald Trump, is that a white flag?

Donald Trump spoke so belligerently, incoherently, and pointlessly for roughly two hours last night, one could be forgiven for not noticing that – apart from the State of the Union, which was written for him by his handers – Trump has barely said anything at all. This comes, perhaps not coincidentally, as everything collapses around him in real time.

In the past three days, Trump has only had one Twitter meltdown, and it was so brief, it only spanned two tweets. Beyond that, his Twitter account has been a mostly empty graveyard occupied only by formal announcements and video clips posted by his staffers.

Donald Trump, simply put, has nothing to say for himself. Under different circumstances, one might be tempted to assume that he’s merely trying to let his SOTU address speak for him. But other than brief references to Nancy Pelosi’s famously sarcastic clap, no one is even covering the speech anymore. That’s because the investigations into Trump’s criminal scandals have exploded in a manner that’s dominated the mainstream media and social media narrative.

Maria Butina’s boyfriend, GOP operative Paul Erickson, just got arrested. The House just handed Robert Mueller a barrel full of smoking guns in the form of Trump-Russia testimony transcripts full of perjury. The SDNY has subpoenaed everyone and everything in Donald Trump’s financial life. The House Intel Committee is even going after Devin Nunes. Everything is closing in on Trump by the hour.

So what does Donald Trump have to say for himself when it comes to these scandals? When he was briefly cornered by television cameras earlier today, Trump was asked what he thought of the House Intel Committee’s moves. Trump sarcastically pretended he’d never heard of Schiff, thus bypassing the opportunity to hit him with an insulting nickname. Instead Trump simply punted, just as he has all day. He’s gone deafeningly silent as everything collapses.