Here’s how you know Donald Trump is dead in the water

Imagine being stuck on a sinking boat that’s rapidly taking on water, and you have a very short amount of time left. Do you 1) try to come up with a plan to save yourself, 2) do nothing and hope it all magically works out, 3) hatch a crazy plot to get revenge on your designated enemies that’ll only cause your boat to sink even faster?

Donald Trump has chosen option three. That was already pretty clear when he decided that his game plan was going to consist of sending his House GOP into a secure SCIF room to eat pizza while looking stupid. Now it’s abundantly clear, thanks to the sorta kinda not-really-existent DOJ criminal inquiry that’s supposedly just been opened into the U.S. intel officials who dared to investigate Donald Trump’s Russia scandal to begin with.

To be clear, there isn’t really a probe here – at least not one that’s going to result in anything tangible. The Trump regime is clearly the source for tonight’s New York Times article that lays out the supposed criminal inquiry. Yet no targets or subjects are identified. For that matter, no alleged crimes are identified. There’s nothing that’s going to be put in front of a grand jury, and certainly nothing that’s going to return an indictment, because there’s literally nothing. If the Trump regime had anything, we’d be hearing about it. Instead, this is little more than a press release, on a night when Trump’s impeachment has gotten so ugly for him, he needs a pick-me-up. It’s already a failure. How do we know this? Ask yourself these four questions:

1) Will anyone out there go from being pro-impeachment to anti-impeachment as a result of this idiotic fake probe? No.

2) Will anyone out there go from being anti-impeachment to pro-impeachment as a result of this idiotic fake probe? Maybe.

3) Will Trump gain a single vote in the 2020 election as a result of this idiotic fake probe? No.

4) Will Trump lose votes in the 2020 election as a result of this idiotic fake probe? Maybe.

That’s all you need to know. If the point of this fake probe is to try to help save Donald Trump from impeachment, or to get Trump reelected, then it has zero chance of helping him in either of those regards, and depending on how much negative play it gets, it may hurt him in either or both of those regards. The only thing this can possibly do is to cheer Donald Trump up a bit, at a time when he’s at his absolute lowest. This probe is a criminal act on the part of Trump and Bill Barr. It’s also a self defeating farce.

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