Days after Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Donald Trump has yet another sex trafficking related scandal

Donald Trump’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein just died in the custody of Trump’s Department of Justice, while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking of minors. Trump’s panicky histrionics, including accusing the Clintons of having somehow murdered Epstein, suggest that he fears something in the Epstein scandal is going to bite him. Now Trump has yet another scandal involving sex trafficking.

Earlier this summer, international political operative George Nader was indicted and arrested on charges of sex trafficking. Nader is best known for having acted as a go-between for the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election. Nader has cut deals with prosecutors before, so it’s not difficult to parse that he’s going to end up cutting a deal now, and flipping on someone. His easiest move will be to give up whoever in Donald Trump’s orbit committed crimes in the Trump-Russia election scandal. Now there’s a new development.

Up to now, it’s been easy to tie George Nader to the Trump 2016 campaign, but not so easy to tie Nader to Donald Trump himself. That just got a lot easier. The New York Times reported today that Nader and his then-partner Elliott Broidy were being paid handsomely by the government of United Arab Emirates, while they were crafting Trump’s foreign policy toward UAE, which then steered money back to Trump.

So now an alleged sex trafficker, who is likely to cut a cooperating plea deal, appears to be in position to expose Donald Trump’s criminal financial relationship with a foreign government. Throw in the fact that the FBI raided Elliott Broidy’s office this spring in relation to alleged international money laundering, it’s fair to ask if Broidy might end up cutting a cooperating plea deal as well. And if Trump does try to preemptively pardon these folks, state-level charges could nullify that move.

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