Donald Trump’s day of reckoning is near

Donald Trump is the biggest dichotomy known to man. He pretends that he is “all powerful” as he tries to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship. Yet he whines and throws tantrums when things fail to go his way. So, which is it, Trump? You cannot have it both ways. Trump is used to doing what he wants, and he will try his damndest to make anyone who gets in his way pay. Lately, he has not been getting his way so much, and he is livid.

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal judges to strike down Louisiana’s abortion law. Before anyone gets too excited, they merely upheld the status quo, though Justice Breyer opined that the law “would make it impossible for many women to obtain a safe, legal abortion.” While Roberts sided with the liberal justices, he did what he typically does: stand by established law. A similar case from Texas was decided four years ago, and Roberts, in a separate opinion, said that precedent had been set. Roberts will always rule with the Constitution or legal precedent, which is what a good justice should do. While this ruling is a blow to Trump and his followers, the big blow would come approximately a week later: The case involving the release of Trump’s tax returns.

While Trump’s lawyers ridiculously argued that releasing Trump’s financial records would “distract Trump from doing his job,” the Court was not buying it. Neither are we. Trump has never done his job; why would he start now? The biggest blow for Trump was that both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh — Trump’s hand-picked justices — were part of the 7-2 majority that ordered Trump’s financial records be released to the New York district attorney for purposes of a criminal investigation, Daily Beast reported. The Court made one thing clear: Trump is not immune from prosecution, judicial review, or impeachment. As Daily Beast reported, Trump lost “bigly” in that fight. Trump, being Trump, took to Twitter to express his outrage, including his continued lie that President Obama “spied” on him “and got away with it,” though he now includes Joe Biden in his imaginary conspiracy.

Trump failed at the Supreme Court level because he does not understand the law. Indeed, he believes himself above it. The Court, on the other hand, ruled based on the law, which gives Trump no wiggle room. The interesting thing about Trump’s death grip on his financial records is that most believe he is not really rich (we know) and is merely trying to hide that fact, as well as how he manages to get along on Monopoly money. A New York hedge fund manager who remained unnamed said to Daily Beast: “Trump’s not a billionaire. I’m a billionaire. Trump is a clown, living on credit.” Most intelligent people already know that everything about Trump is a lie; he merely keeps up a front for his fans. He will do anything to protect the fake persona he has so carefully constructed. Enjoy it while you can, Trump; your day of reckoning is near.

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