Donald Trump’s Day From Hell

Just how ugly of a day was today for Donald Trump? I spent all afternoon trying to piece together the big picture meaning of the numerous dizzying moves made by Robert Mueller today in the Trump-Russia scandal, and by the end of it, I still wasn’t quite sure how they all fit together. So I tuned in for Rachel Maddow, the smartest person on television, for clarity. She didn’t seem entirely sure either. Imagine being a lunkhead like Donald Trump and trying to figure out what the hell just happened to you today. Where do we even begin?

Rick Gates, the former vice chairman for the Trump campaign, is now officially on Team Mueller. He pleaded guilty today. He’s going to prison, probably for years. He’s provided Trump-Russia evidence against everyone from Paul Manafort to GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and that’s just the stuff that Mueller has chosen to let us know about thus far. Manafort couldn’t be any more screwed unless Mueller took an actual screwdriver to him. And that alone is nightmare fuel for Donald Trump.

Manafort and Trump are so financially intertwined, Manafort owns a condo in Trump Tower. He probably bought it from Trump with laundered money from the Russians. Trump probably knew that at the time. That just scratches the surface. Trump’s entire real estate empire has been based on allowing foreign and domestic criminals to launder money through the properties. Mueller is going to unearth all of it, if he hasn’t already. And that’s whether Manafort flips or not, which he will, unless he wants to die in prison.

Rick Gates pleaded guilty today to Conspiracy against the United States, and Paul Manafort was charged today with obstruction of justice. These are two of the key criminal charges that Donald Trump will end up facing when the time comes. We’ve now reached the stage where Trump’s own key people are being charged with these crimes, and pleading guilty to them. Even the famously delusional Donald Trump has to have figured out by now that he’s hosed. This was his worst day yet. The next big day, which will likely come soon at this rate, will be even worse for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report