David Perdue goes off the rails in Georgia Senate runoff race

The viral moment that put David Perdue’s race for re-election on the social media map – being sharply rebuked by his opponent Jon Ossoff for his willingness to put his constituents’ lives at risk while he profited off PPE is hardly one to be proud of. It’s the reason that Perdue has been avoiding even showing up in public with Ossoff at their scheduled debates so he can avoid being humiliated and looking as weak as he did in that particular moment. Perdue is hardly shy about campaigning, however – as he decided to take yet another page out of Donald Trump’s playbook and hold a massive rally in the same state currently suffering due to his criminal neglect.

Of course, Perdue felt the need to tweet pictures showing the size of the crowd on his social media, where he’s pictured alongside his equally corrupt running mate, Kelly Loeffler. Georgia recently set a record for the highest number of recorded COVID cases just last week and the state’s governor set an executive order banning social gatherings of over 50 people – an order that Perdue is clearly defying in his Twitter pics. In a way, this is perhaps the truest side of Perdue that most people will ever get to see – as he yet again defies rules that he feels are meant to be obeyed by those beneath him.


The trouble is that lives are being directly affected, and the state he’s hoping to represent in the Senate could be looking at a shortage of hospital beds very soon – with his superspreader events only making the problem worse. Just by campaigning alone, Perdue proves he is unfit for office and needs to be voted out immediately – something we can make happen by volunteering and donating to Jon Ossoff for Senate.

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