National Enquirer’s David Pecker blows it again – and Donald Trump is going down with him

Just a few months ago, National Enquirer boss David Pecker got the deal of a lifetime. He was caught helping Donald Trump and Michael Cohen to pay out felony hush money, yet he got immunity in exchange for selling out Trump and Cohen. Now Pecker has blown that chance, in spectacularly stupid fashion. He’s going to prison for a long time, and he’ll take Trump with him.

David Pecker and his National Enquirer recently exposed that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos was having an affair. In response, Bezos has announced he was launching an investigation to find out why Pecker targeted him to begin with. Donald Trump frequently launches vicious personal attacks against Bezos on Twitter. In other words, did Pecker and Trump plot together against him?

Pecker didn’t exactly take kindly to the accusation. We know this, because he and the National Enquirer tried to blackmail Bezos into ending the investigation and announcing that he’d found no wrongdoing. The Enquirer threatened – in writing via email – to release Bezos’ private hacked photos. That’s the kind of extortion you go to prison for, and that’s just the start.

We now know that after David Pecker sold out Donald Trump, something motivated Pecker to turn around and try to destroy Trump’s bitter enemy Jeff Bezos. And when Bezos threatened to get to the bottom of what was really going on, Pecker became so desperate to keep it from coming out, he committed felony extortion against Bezos in writing.

It’s not difficult to parse that Donald Trump found some way to motivate David Pecker to go back to doing his bidding. Creeps like this usually have blackmail material on each other, so that could explain why Pecker risked going to prison to help Trump, even after he’d sold Trump out. Because Pecker and his people were brazen enough to put their criminal threats against Jeff Bezos in writing, they were probably dumb enough to also put their communications about it with Donald Trump in writing.

We know that Donald Trump doesn’t do email or text messages, but there have always been people around him who handle those kinds of communications on his behalf. Whoever coordinated this between Trump and Pecker, that person might want to run to the SDNY and try to cut a plea deal while there’s still one to be had. Pecker just sent himself to prison for a very long time, because of his sloppiness, he’s going to take Trump with him.