Here’s how we know the NRA is running scared

For the first time in my life, the NRA is noticeably scared. It’s not the Federal government that has them clinging to their rifles or even a group of vets for gun reform. Instead, It’s a group of intelligent and fierce teenagers, some not even old enough to vote that has them scrambling.

Last night’s CNN town hall was a great example of the NRA acting completely out of character by having spokeswoman Dana Loesch show up to give their (the gun manufacturers) side of the argument. The NRA tends to stay silent during the days following one these mass murders, but this time something has truly changed. These kids have inspired a nation that is increasingly inhabited by victims of gun violence to finally say enough is enough.

In what I believe was one of the most powerful political moments in our history, 17-year-old Cameron Kesky asked Sen. Marco Rubio if the Senator would continue to accept money from the NRA, in which Rubio refused to answer, stating “people buy into my campaign.” What the brave young survivor had done is make a sitting senator admit that he is not only receiving money from corporations that push deadly deregulation but that he is also unwilling to denounce that organization when given that chance.

For young people like myself, I grew up thinking that active shooter drills were normal in the world and were something this country has always gone through. What these brave young people have learned, a lot earlier in life than most, is that our Government’s number one priority is not the well being of its citizens and I for one can’t wait to have their powerful voices on other topics such as universal healthcare or money in politics. If this debate is any indication, they will not only be on the right side of history, but they will be making that history instead of accepting the status quo.

Keith Chaput writes for Palmer Report