Nancy Pelosi’s daughter explains her mom’s sarcastic clap at Donald Trump

It was the clap heard around the world. Donald Trump made a disingenuous call for bipartisanship during his State of the Union address, daring the Democrats in the House chamber not to applaud. Trump then turned around and looked at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who responded with perhaps the most openly sarcastic “applause” of all time.

If you want more insight on Nancy Pelosi’s newly famous clap, which comedian Patton Oswalt has dubbed the “f— you clap,” it might help to ask someone who has seen Pelosi do it before. Her daughter Christine Pelosi helpfully filled the rest of us in on the proper background and context:

“Oh yes that clap took me back to the teen years. She knows. And she knows that you know. And frankly she’s disappointed that you thought this would work. But here’s a clap.”

Nancy Pelosi’s sarcastic clap quickly sprung an endless number of memes across social media, and it’s since become clear that the clap is the moment from the State of the Union that will be most remembered.