Donald Trump’s stooge Dan Patrick calls for grandparents to die to save the economy

Donald Trump’s coronavirus lies and incompetence have resulted in the United States largely shutting down, resulting in economic freefall. Now that he’s afraid the economic troubles will cost him any shot he had left at reelection, Trump is pushing the idea that we should just go back to business as usual, no matter who dies.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, an infamous Donald Trump stooge, is taking things even further in a depraved direction. Patrick went on Fox News tonight and flat out stated that grandparents should risk dying so that the economy can remain strong:


This kind of lunacy reveals just how badly this is all falling apart for Team Trump. Dan Patrick is out there floating this deranged and deadly nonsense in the hope of generating public momentum for the notion of simply letting older people die. This won’t get anywhere – but it’s truly startling.

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