Donald Trump cuts and runs

Considering that it’s a weekend and it’s the day before New Years Eve, one might think Donald Trump would have the sense to behave decently for once – or to at least lay off the Twitter sauce. Then again, this is the guy who tried to ruin everyone’s Christmas with one deranged tirade after another, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. What stands out about today: Trump is in full retreat.

Take, for instance, this rather odd Donald Trump tweet today: “Great work by my Administration over the holidays to save Coast Guard pay during this #SchumerShutdown. No thanks to the Democrats who left town and are not concerned about the safety and security of Americans!” Really? It’s as if he doesn’t know there were cameras in the room when he announced that he would be proud to take credit for his shutdown.

Now that the shutdown is an unpopular disaster, Trump is trying to blame Chuck Schumer, barely a week after he told Schumer to his face that he wouldn’t try to put the blame on him. But then Trump went and did something profoundly offensive, tweeting “Veterans on President Trump’s handling of Border Security – 62% Approval Rating. On being a strong leader – 59%. AP Poll. Thank you!”

Eventually we’ll need to have a national conversation about why veterans – to whom our nation is so indebted – appear to be the last segment of Americans to figure out that they’re being screwed by this thieving anti-military traitor. But these isolated poll numbers merely serve to mask the fact that Trump’s overall approval rating with all Americans is at a historical low.

Donald Trump is now running away from his own failed shutdown stunt, and he’s trying to hide behind veterans while running away from his own deep unpopularity. This isn’t surprising; Trump is the kind of scam artist who hasn’t taken responsibility for anything in his entire life. But Trump is now in full scale retreat, as everything he tries ends up backfiring on him in real time.