The impeachment movement just reached critical mass

Should the House impeach Donald Trump for his crimes and abuses, or should they merely hold hearings in order to shine a spotlight on his crimes and abuses? That’s the question the Democratic House leadership has to grapple with. As Palmer Report has explained, they have at least another month to make up their minds, as it’ll take that long just to hold the requisite hearings. But some leading Democrats outside the House have already made up their minds – and they’re throwing down the gauntlet.

Democratic Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren came out forcefully in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment yesterday, laying out a powerhouse argument for why it has to happen for the good of the nation, regardless of the political calculus involved. Hours later, her fellow 2020 presidential candidate, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, came out with the same message about impeachment.

Both candidates are receiving an overwhelmingly positive response for it across social media. We’ll see if it ends up boosting Warren and Harris in the polls, but for now impeachment appears to be a winning message for the Democrats who are running for president in 2020. And why not? The Mueller report makes painfully clear that Donald Trump is guilty of several egregious counts of felony obstruction of justice, and he also deserves to be impeached for what Mueller uncovered about collusion.

When two of the most prominent 2020 presidential candidates come out in favor of impeaching Donald Trump on the same day, that’s what you call critical mass. They’re both betting that the American people are going to end up demanding Trump’s impeachment. They’re also betting that House Democrats will end up going through with it. That isn’t surprising, considering that while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi clearly doesn’t want to rush the process, she subtly committed herself to eventual impeachment with her carefully worded remarks yesterday.

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