Donald Trump posts unbelievably creepy video of himself imitating Bill Pullman while Ted Cruz cries

Donald Trump has always been a sociopathic criminal, but now something else is wrong with him. He’s in the midst of some kind of psychological and cognitive collapse, causing him to behave in a manner that’s just as evil as ever, while being increasingly incoherent and self defeating.

Take, for instance, Donald Trump’s decision to tweet this video of himself. It takes a classic scene from the movie Independence Day and clumsily superimposes Trump’s head over that of fictional president Bill Pullman, resulting in Trump speaking in Pullman’s voice. The whole thing gets even worse when you get to the part where Ted Cruz is in the audience crying (if the video below won’t play on your device, go here instead):




Donald Trump now lives in a stunted fantasy world in which he thinks a video like this somehow helps his reelection odds. In reality it merely signals to undecided and nonpartisan voters that Trump is too much of a deranged idiot and whackjob to remain in office.

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