Donald Trump goes off the deep end after House Judiciary Committee takes a blowtorch to his entire life

Today, Donald Trump had the worst day of his life (so far) when the House Judiciary Committee targeted more than eighty people and entities connected to him, in what will merely be the first batch of evidence collection regarding Trump’s crimes. Also, Fox News got busted today for having conspired with Trump to rig the 2016 election. So how is Trump taking the news?

Right around 11pm eastern time, Donald Trump tweeted this quote: “We the people will now be subjected to the biggest display of modern day McCarthyism….which is the widest fishing net expedition….every aspect of the presidents life….all in order to get power back so they can institute Socialism.” Well, that was his second try. The first time around he typed “McCathyism” and it led to endless jokes about who “Cathy” might be. But the surreal part is where the quote came from.

That’s right, Donald Trump was sharing the words of none other than his Fox News co-conspirator Sean Hannity. Of all the days when Trump shouldn’t be quoting Fox News, today was that day. Yet here he is, desperately clinging to the one host on the one network that’s the furthest up his backside.

This probably tells us all we need to know. Donald Trump isn’t hunkered down with his attorneys, trying to figure out how to fight back against the dozens of document requests that went out today. He’s not even spending his time trying to illegally convince the targets not to cooperate with Congress. Instead he’s lying in bed, watching Hannity, and mistakenly tweeting about someone named Cathy.