Donald Trump’s own people admit the Devin Nunes memo is crap

By now, even an idiot like Devin Nunes and a delusional lunatic like Donald Trump have surely figured out that they’ll only harm themselves if they go ahead and release the infamous Nunes Memo. They both seem to think it somehow exonerates them in the Trump-Russia scandal, but everyone around them has told them it’ll play poorly and backfire on them. The trouble: now they more or less have to release it, or else the questions about it will never stop.

The White House announced today that Trump has scrapped his previous idea of releasing the memo himself, and he’s now planning to send it back to Nunes for release. One or the other of them will have to release it soon, before Robert Mueller simply decides to subpoena it as evidence of obstruction of justice. So now Trump’s own people are trying a different tactic: preemptively admit that the memo is total crap.

Trump’s people are now admitting to Axios that the memo is “underwhelming” and a “dud” and that “there is much more skepticism inside the administration than has been previously reported about the value of releasing the memo.” (link). Why publicly admit something this embarrassing? In Palmer Report’s view, it’s a last ditch attempt at playing down expectations. Nunes and his allies created a ton of hype around this memo, promising it would vindicate Trump and expose the FBI as villains. It’s going to do no such thing, so they might as well admit that it’s crap now, in the hope of persuading the media to stop hyping its contents.

At this rate we can probably expect the memo to be quietly dumped out on a Friday afternoon, at a time when the Trump and Nunes camps are hoping the public won’t be paying as much attention. But it’s too late for that to work. This memo will make Trump look even more guilty in the Russia scandal, and it’ll help cement the inevitability that Trump and Nunes will both end up in prison for obstruction of justice.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report