In the weeks since the House impeachment process against Donald Trump began, we’ve seen a lot of focus on the relative handful of House Republicans who are actively and visibly leading his defense. The grotesque behavior of these individuals speaks for itself. But the reality is that there are a couple hundred other House Republicans who haven’t said too much since the process started, and they’re the real problem, because they could collectively take Trump down, in spite of any objections from his biggest House GOP cheerleaders.

Now it turns out plenty of those silent and quasi-silent House Republicans really would like to take Donald Trump down. We know this because former Republican Congressman Charlie Dent, who knows large chunks of the House GOP personally, just went on CNN and confirmed that a whole lot of these House Republicans are “disgusted and exhausted” by Trump and resent what he’s done to their party and their careers.

So what are they planning to do about Donald Trump? Nothing. Dent says they’re afraid that if they speak up, or vote in favor of impeachment, Trump’s base will target them and they’ll lose their careers. In other words, they’re cowards who are unwilling to take a risk in order to save the country from the freak show criminal who has taken the nation hostage.


If these silent House Republicans are going to be this cowardly about it, they should just resign now. Dozens of them have in fact announced they’re not going to seek reelection, but even they’ve been unwilling to speak out against him. It’s yet another reminder that the Republican Party in its current incarnation is absolutely worthless – and that the only good Republican politician is a defeated Republican politician.

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