Roger Stone’s Trump-Russia pal Jerome Corsi says he’s days from being indicted. Here’s what it really means.

For the past few months, the ongoing tidbits surfacing out of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury have left little doubt that he’s looking to indict and arrest Donald Trump’s pal Roger Stone. The only question has been precisely when it’ll happen, and Mueller has been keeping that close to the vest. Now there’s a new twist, as Stone’s pal Jerome Corsi just announced that he expects to be indicted within days. So what’s really going on here?

Weeks ago it was reported that Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist who’s long been popular on the far right, had been brought before the grand jury to testify against Roger Stone. At the time it appeared that Corsi was just another witness, and his storyline promptly went cold. But now Corsi says that he’s been informed that he’s about to be indicted for perjury, according to CNN and other news outlets.

Robert Mueller has long made clear that he doesn’t like it when people try to sabotage his work. But at this late date, why bother busting a relative peon like Corsi? For all we know, Mueller could be handing this case off to a U.S. Attorney so he doesn’t have to spend as much time on it. But still, why bust Corsi now? Further, why bother telling Corsi he’s about to be busted? Usually, you only tell someone they’re about to get popped if you’re hoping to get them to promptly cut a deal. So this suggests an urgency on Mueller’s part.

Jerome Corsi is asking his readers to fund his legal defense, but that’s not necessarily an indicator of whether he’s willing to cut a plea deal; he’d need lawyers either way. What this does tell us is that Robert Mueller is about to drop the hammer on at least two people at once – Stone and Corsi – which in turn seems to all us that he’s gearing up to indict a whole lot of people across the board, either simultaneously or in successive fashion.