Donald Trump tips off that he thinks Corey Lewandowski is about to sell him out to Robert Mueller

Three things are consistent on any given day. The sun will rise and set. Donald Trump will tweet something stupid. And the media will wildly misinterpret the latest actions of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal. The rogue Trump-controlled committee has made yet another strange move today, and it suggests that Trump suspects yet another of his closest advisers is selling him out to Robert Mueller.

After Trump had a falling out with Steve Bannon, and there was buzz that Bannon might go running to Mueller, the House Intel Committee suddenly hauled Bannon in to try to pry into what Bannon might have been planning to tell Mueller. Bannon refused to answer, and sure enough, a week later it was reported that he spilled his guts to Mueller instead.

Then after Mark Corallo testified to Mueller that he heard Hope Hicks conspiring to suppress Trump-Russia evidence, suddenly the House Intel Committee hauled her in, to try to figure out if she was planning to save herself by selling Trump out to Mueller. She refused to answer the most important questions, a strong signal that she was indeed cutting a plea deal, and the next day she resigned from the White House accordingly. Now this brings us to Corey Lewandowski, who appeared before the House Intel Committee today for the second time.

Corey Lewandowski isn’t even a central figure in the Trump-Russia conspiracy, and there would have been no above-board reason for the House Intel Committee to haul him in a second time. The only plausible explanation is that Donald Trump became concerned this week that Lewandowski might be planning to sell him out, and so he had his puppet committee do its usual prying. We have seen no information on why Lewandowski might be looking to cut a deal at this time. But Trump and his puppets just tipped off that they’re worried he’s about to. House Intel engages in such consistent and cartoonish villainy in Trump-Russia, it can be used as a reliable counter-indicator.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report