Donald Trump’s pal Corey Lewandowski gets his comeuppance

Corey Lewandowski is best known for three things: getting arrested for allegedly assaulting a reporter, and getting fired by the Trump campaign. Now he apparently wants to be known for something else – but House Democrats have decided that they have a very different path for Lewandowski.

Donald Trump has begun publicly kicking around the idea of Corey Lewandowski running for Senate in New Hampshire. If you find that too absurd to believable, keep in mind that Trump is the guy who just finished floating the idea of the United States buying Greenland. But Lewandowski has a problem, you see.

The Mueller Report spelled out the significant role that Corey Lewandowski allegedly played in facilitating Donald Trump’s felony obstruction of justice. He was inevitably going to get subpoenaed by House Democrats to publicly testify about this, and sure enough, that happened today. The timing matters for two reasons.

First, let’s be clear here. When House Democrats issue subpoenas to Donald Trump’s loyalists, it’s not under the illusion that they’re going to voluntarily come testify. It’s all part of the massive court battle that the Democrats are waging to force Trump’s people to provide testimony and evidence against him. Once enough of these battles are won, that’s when televised impeachment hearings against Trump will begin.

With regard to the larger court battle, there’s no need for House Democrats to subpoena Corey Lewandowski just yet. This stuff is being done according to the gameplan by Democratic House lawyers, based on which court battles are expected to be won in which order. So it appears House Democrats subpoenaed Corey Lewandowski today – sooner than they needed to – just to remind him that if he really does foolishly run for Senate, he’ll be at the center of a crap storm while he does.

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