Donald Trump’s latest Michael Flynn conspiracy just blew up in his face

Donald Trump has spent the past couple weeks promoting a bizarre and incoherent conspiracy theory about his henchman Michael Flynn. He’s accused President Obama and others of persecuting Flynn by “unmasking” his name in a U.S. intel report about Flynn’s phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.

The whole thing never made any sense to begin with. Unmasking the name of someone in an intel report is a standard occurrence. And when you ask for a name to be unmasked, by definition you have no idea what the person’s name is to begin with. So the notion that Obama could have been specifically targeting Flynn by unmasking his name is absurd.

Now it turns out Michael Flynn’s name was never unmasked in the intel report about his phone calls with the Russian Ambassador, because his name was never masked to begin with, according to NBC News. Flynn’s name was just sitting there in plain sight in that report, and the Obama administration saw it, and took action accordingly.

Donald Trump’s phony scandals and conspiracy theories are imploding by the day. Earlier this week he declassified a Susan Rice email which he thought would prove President Obama was conspiring against Michael Flynn, but instead the email fully exonerated the entire Obama administration in the matter.

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