Donald Trump has deranged meltdown about bizarre conspiracy theory, gives something away in the process

When Trump first began pushing the notion that the country could magically reopen for business by Easter, Palmer Report predicted that he was merely laying the groundwork to scapegoat others when it ends up not happening. This latest tweet would seem to confirm as much:



Yeah that’s it, you clown. This whole thing is one big conspiracy to get you to lose reelection. Spoiler alert: you were on track to lose anyway. Your dishonest, incompetent, depraved handling of this crisis is merely exposing how truly unfit you are.

I don’t know who “the real people” are in Donald Trump’s deranged mind, but whoever they are, they must have a death wish. Trump’s dishonest press conferences have already gotten one person killed, after he ingested a variant of the drug that Trump falsely claimed was approved and safe for treatment of coronavirus. How many more people will have to die because of Trump’s mouth?

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