Leading House Democrat confirms Robert Mueller public testimony

Attorney General William Barr’s lie-filled public testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee has created such a chaotic spectacle, one of the biggest revelations of the day has managed to go largely under the radar. Just before the hearing began, one of the leading House Democrats confirmed that Robert Mueller will be publicly testifying.

A few minutes before the Senate hearing went into session, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler spoke to a group of reporters and television cameras. Nadler stated that an agreement has been reached for Robert Mueller to publicly testify before Congress sometime this month. Considering that today is the first day of the month, this doesn’t exactly narrow it down. But it’s nonetheless noteworthy, because of what comes next.

The mere fact that Robert Mueller’s testimony is upcoming means that the media – and thus the public – will remain focused on his upcoming testimony. It’ll keep the spotlight on Mueller’s newly unearthed letter accusing William Barr of having grossly misrepresented the Mueller report. And it’ll continue to ratchet up the pressure on Barr, as he faces growing calls for resignation, and the pressure blows back on Donald Trump for having Barr do his dishonest bidding.

William Barr insisted on testifying for the Trump-friendly Senate Judiciary Committee one day before the Democratic Party-controlled House Judiciary Committee. Our guess is that Robert Mueller will seek to do it in the opposite order. In the meantime, we’ll see if Barr even shows up for his own House Judiciary Committee tomorrow.

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