Confirmed: Donald Trump knew about Rudy Giuliani and the Kremlin all along

It’s hard to imagine that things could have gone any worse for Donald Trump when he had his allies roll out a fake New York Post story about Hunter Biden. Not only did no one outside Trump’s base fall for it, Twitter went so far as to ban the article from being posted – a humiliating failure for Team Trump. But now it has in fact gotten even uglier for him.

When you take a risky swing and miss like Trump just did, there’s always fallout from it. Now someone has leaked to the Washington Post that the U.S. intel community warned Trump ten months ago that Rudy Giuliani was the “target of an influence operation by Russian intelligence” – and that Rudy was indeed working with Kremlin operatives to manufacture the phony Biden story.


We all know that if this scandal gets much hotter for Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump will selfishly throw Rudy under the bus in an attempt at insulating himself. But this news today will make it harder for Trump to do that, because now there’s proof that Trump and his team knew that Rudy was a Kremlin asset all along.

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