Rudy Giuliani just confessed

During his time as Donald Trump’s legal counsel, Rudy Giuliani has only consistently been good at one thing: confessing. Rudy has repeatedly gone on TV and blurted out aspects of Trump’s scandals that weren’t known to the public or to investigators. Now that Rudy himself has been cornered by federal investigators, he’s trying the old “go ahead and confess” strategy once again.

On Monday evening the Wall Street Journal reported that the SDNY has already obtained and sifted through Rudy Giuliani’s bank records, and has spent months interviewing witnesses who have been testifying against Giuliani. This means they’ve had Rudy nailed to the wall since before they arrested his henchmen last week. The Feds already have documentation of Rudy’s illegal foreign payoffs, and he’ll be indicted for it. Rudy’s response tonight: yep.

Late tonight, Reuters has reported that Rudy Giuliani took half a million dollars from a company run by one of the Ukrainian guys who was arrested last week. So what’s their source? These three words from the article make it clear: “Giuliani told Reuters.”


That’s right, Rudy Giuliani just confessed that he took an illegal six figure payout from a company that was being indirectly run by a Ukrainian oligarch, meaning he violated federal law. Maybe Rudy figures that since he’s been nailed anyway, he might as well try to normalize his crime by confessing to it. Either that, or he’s too far gone to be able to control what’s coming out of his mouth. In any case, Rudy just confessed to the crime that’s going to put him away.

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