Rudy Giuliani comes out of hiding and confesses to a major new Donald Trump felony

After the DOJ Inspector strongly hinted that Rudy Giuliani was under criminal investigation, Rudy suddenly decided to spend a couple weeks shying away from the television cameras. Based on the timing, it wasn’t difficult to figure out why: he was afraid that if he kept meddling in the Trump-Russia investigation, he’d end up facing obstruction charges. It looks like he’s decided that silence wasn’t his strong suit, so now he’s back to running his mouth – and he just confessed to a major Donald Trump felony. Several of them, in fact.

This morning Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN State of the Union and tried to make the case that he knows what evidence Special Counsel Robert Mueller does and doesn’t have. His reasoning: “We’ve debriefed all their witnesses.” CNN host Dana Bash was taken aback at the confession. Rudy then tried to walk it back by insisting he was strictly referring to the Trump-Russia witnesses who have a joint legal defense with Donald Trump. But that’s a very small number of people, and Rudy initially said something very different: all their witnesses. So what exactly did he just confess to?

If Donald Trump had already been criminally charged and his team was preparing for trial, then it would be a different conversation. But at this stage, when the investigation is still ongoing, Trump and his team would be committing textbook felony obstruction of justice and witness tampering just by attempting to communicate with witnesses. If the Trump team went so far as to “debrief” the witnesses, that’ll make for an open and shut obstruction case against Trump.

When Rudy Giuliani first joined Donald Trump’s legal defense team, he pushed for Donald Trump to quickly grant an interview with Robert Mueller, even as he went on television and confessed to Trump’s crimes. Some asked if Rudy was trying to hurry up and take Trump down, in the hope that the Trump-Russia investigation would wrap up before it could circle back to Rudy’s own role. Now that Rudy knows he’s in trouble, he’s back to his original strategy of pushing for a Trump-Mueller interview and confessing to Trump’s crimes. Such an interview would be devastating to Trump. These confessions are even more devastating. Is Rudy just that far gone, or is he doing this on purpose?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report