Joe Biden campaign destroys Donald Trump over his silly threat not to concede

The election is over. Decision Desk has already called it. The major news outlets are going to declare Joe Biden the winner within minutes or hours. It’s over, and everyone knows it – including Donald Trump.

Still, Trump is spewing conspiracy theories and implying that he might not concede. Here’s the thing. As Palmer Report has been pointing out during the entirety of this election cycle, it’s irrelevant whether Trump concedes or not; it carries zero legal weight. Joe Biden will be the winner, and on inauguration day he’ll be sworn in on the Capitol steps, whether Trump participates or not.

At this point Trump would be trespassing if he refuses to leave the White House, and everyone in law enforcement would see it that way. In fact the Secret Service would immediately remove him, on the premise that he’d be a threat to President Joe Biden.

Accordingly, the Joe Biden campaign released this statement to the media just now about Donald Trump’s threat not to concede or leave: “The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

This is exactly right. Donald Trump can make the threat of not conceding or leaving, but it’s a laughably empty threat. Trump knows it too. He’s already facing prison. If he screws with the law on his way out the door, it’ll make it that much harder for him to avoid a prison cell. He might make a lot of noise on his way out, but Trump will leave once he knows he has to. Frankly we’d like to see him get dragged out by his ankles instead of leaving voluntarily, but we don’t see him being stupid enough to go out that way.

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