Donald Trump has completely incoherent meltdown after he learns he’s going to prison

Earlier today the Manhattan District Attorney confirmed in a court filing that Donald Trump is being criminally investigated on serious charges including bank fraud and insurance fraud. This is no surprise, given the confirmed existence of the New York grand jury that went after Trump’s tax returns. This helps confirm that Donald Trump is headed to prison on state charges if he loses the election, meaning his life is basically over if he loses.

Trump held an ill-advised press conference this evening, which he mostly spent babbling about tropical storms and the coronavirus, while slipping a number of racial slurs into his drivel. Then Trump opened up the floor to questions, and he was promptly asked about the criminal case in New York. Trump’s answer was barely coherent.

Trump insisted that “this is just a continuation of the witch hunt.” He then began babbling about “Strzok and Page and Comey,” three former FBI officials who have nothing to do with the financial crimes Trump is going to be charged with in New York. Trump then furthered his delusional conspiracy theory by insisting that “they send them around to all over the country I guess, maybe.”

In other words, Donald Trump has no idea what to say about the criminal charges he’s about to face. He sounded like a total deer in the headlights. He wasn’t defiant at all. Instead he sounded somewhat resigned to his fate. Trump can’t magically make state-level criminal charges go away, and he knows it.

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