Donald Trump has completely bonkers meltdown as it all goes wrong for him

We still have a long way to go, but right now Donald Trump is losing the 2020 election about as badly as an incumbent can lose it – and he keeps finding new ways to make it worse for himself. Trump is now taking his racism to its most explicit place yet, even while going completely bonkers about the coronavirus death toll.

On Sunday evening, Trump posted this offensive, inaccurate, whiny, and barely coherent tweet:


First of all, “China Virus” is a such a disgusting racial slur, Twitter should ban it in its terms of service. It’s also unclear why Trump thinks that a “steady” death rate is something to brag about, or why people who are getting sick and dying should care about the job numbers.

In addition, the job numbers are only “rising” because Trump’s negligent handling of the pandemic caused tens of millions of Americans to lose their jobs in the first place, and now a small fraction of them are getting their jobs back. Some of them won’t have those jobs for long, as several states are already giving up on their “reopening” pipe dream.

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