Donald Trump has complete meltdown after he figures out just how bad the Mueller Report is for him

When the redacted Mueller report was released yesterday, Donald Trump quickly and falsely declared on Twitter that he’d been exonerated and vindicated. The question was whether this was mere bravado, or if perhaps he truly wasn’t aware of just how devastating the report was for him. Today Trump began singing a very different tune, suggesting that a bit of harsh reality had indeed crept into his delusional psyche.

Trump woke up today and launched an explosive, profane, and largely incoherent attack on the Mueller report and some of the key cooperating witnesses: “Statements are made about me by certain people in the Crazy Mueller Report, in itself written by 18 Angry Democrat Trump Haters, which are fabricated & totally untrue. Watch out for people that take so-called “notes,” when the notes never existed until needed. Because I never agreed to testify, it was not necessary for me to respond to statements made in the “Report” about me, some of which are total bullshit & only given to make the other person look good (or me to look bad). This was an Illegally Started Hoax that never should have happened, a…”

Then he just stopped. Mid-sentence. For eight hours. Perhaps he fell down a well. After everyone spent half the day making fun of Trump for having dropped the ball on his own tweet, he finally finished it: “….big, fat, waste of time, energy and money – $30,000,000 to be exact. It is now finally time to turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, perhaps even Spying or Treason. This should never happen again!”

So Donald Trump now understands how much trouble he’s in, right? Not exactly. He’s since gone on to post several retweets about how he’s been exonerated and he wants vengeance on those who dared to investigate him. This mentally unstable criminal is as out of control as ever.

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