Come on MSNBC, you can do better than this

I wouldn’t want to be in charge of a cable news network right now. These networks are facing a delicate juggling act of trying to inform the public about the coronavirus crisis, how to cover it from a political angle, and how to make it all happen with guests and pundits who are mostly confined to their homes. But MSNBC went so far off the rails today, something needs to be said about it.

MSNBC found time today to interview Carly Fiorina about how the stimulus bill will impact the business world, even though she has the dual distinction of being a failed irrelevant CEO and a failed irrelevant politician. MSNBC also found time to interview Ian Bremmer today, a guy who’s arguably best known for making up a fake Trump quote awhile back and confusing everyone. So MSNBC clearly wasn’t squeezed for time today. Yet when Joe Biden held a press conference today, MSNBC couldn’t be bothered to air it.

If you tuned in online for Joe Biden’s press conference today, you saw that reporters from major news outlets including the Associated Press called in with questions for Biden. So the media is taking Biden’s press conferences seriously in general. Yet MSNBC is still refusing to air them, despite the fact that Biden is the 2020 Democratic nominee for President. Come on MSNBC, you’re better than this. If you have time for Carly Fiorina, you have time for Joe Biden.

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