Come on CNN, what are you doing?

At one time, it was golden. It sat at the top of the heap, majestic in all its sun-kissed glory. But times have changed, and things are different now. The golden goose now sits miserably at the bottom, desperate to pull itself once again to its top-dog status. Yes, these are grim times indeed for the network known as CNN.

CNN has made so many mistakes these last few years I wouldn’t even know where to begin listing them all. They have seen not just a decline in viewership but a tidal wave of plunging ratings as their viewers seem to be unable to get out of the door fast enough.

So what can they do? I believe they can start by infusing the tired network with some new electric energy. They need intelligent, charismatic, and forceful personalities that tell the truth and do not “both sides” it just to try and be seen a certain way.

I am not the only one who feels this way. Many are posting red alerts to CNN on social media — actually imploring the network to use some common sense and listen to what their viewers — some now-former viewers — want.

Most network news stations do not take easily to change. 2022 will be the year of change for other networks as well, not just CNN. But it is truly astonishing how far CNN has fallen.


There was a recent week where the network averaged an astonishing and pitiful 585,000 “total viewers in primetime” per Daily Beast. As we go forward, the network has many decisions to make. Will they rise to the occasion? Or will they continue on their journey to — well — nowhere? If they choose the latter, they risk disappearing into the void for good.

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