Colonel Vindman strikes back

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman testified truthfully regarding “president” Donald Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky. As an officer in the United States Army, Vindman was compelled the tell Congress the truth. In retaliation for Vindman doing the job he swore to uphold, Trump harassed and belittled Vindman until he gave up 21 years of service in the military by resigning. He felt he had no choice. Sometimes, karma, with a wicked grin, gives us the opportunity to make things right. Such is the case with Alexander Vindman.

As covered by various outlets, Vindman is now telling his side of the story and giving his feelings about “president” Trump. Vindman confirms what we have suspected all along: Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin. Vindman knew what was happening was improper, but he thought Rudy Giuliani was behind everything. As he listened, however, it became clear “that the president was the driving force,” and Vindman was compelled to share what he had heard. “I had to choose between the president and the Constitution. I chose the Constitution.” When asked whether he believed Trump is an asset of Russian intelligence, Vindman responded: “President Trump should be considered . . . a useful idiot and a fellow traveler,” which means that Trump “shares Putin’s loathing for democratic norms.” Let that sink in. The man who is supposed to be running our country “loathes democratic norms.”

If we did not already believe Trump is trying to create a dictatorship, Vindman believes that is exactly what Trump aspires to do. In fact, Vindman said that Trump “admires Putin” and wants a system without checks and balances. He is in the wrong country. Perhaps when he is defeated in November, he can take his sorry family and move to Russia. Vlad will welcome him with open arms.

Twenty-one years of service and loyalty to our country were ruined by the cretin in the Oval Office, a man who has no loyalty to anyone but himself and who would rather fake disability than serve. I cannot speak for any of you, but these revelations burn me up. They make me even more determined to do all I can to see Trump out in 2020. How dare he try to ruin this man’s life? Vindman comes across as extremely humble and is not at all bitter about what Trump did to him. “The president destroyed my Army career. I’m not crying over spilled milk.” Vindman should have become the full colonel to which he aspired. There no sound reason that he should be doing anything other than continuing his service to our country.

When asked why he is speaking out now, Vindman responded: “Truth is a victim in this administration … The ultimate goal of this president is to get you to disbelieve what you’ve seen and what you’ve heard. My goal now is to remind people of this.” Even in his own personal turmoil, Vindman is determined to protect the country he loves, which is the polar opposite of the man in the White House.

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