Michael Cohen, who is cutting a plea deal against Donald Trump, will have to give up Ivanka Trump too

Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen has parted ways with his Trump-friendly attorneys, a sure sign that he’s begun the process of cutting a plea deal against Donald Trump. This is a major development, because Cohen has spent several years trying to keep Trump’s various scandals under wraps, which means he knows all of Trump’s dirty secrets. Here’s the thing: Cohen will have to give up Ivanka Trump as well.

When you cut a plea deal, you have to share everything you know about everyone. That mean Michael Cohen will have to give federal prosecutors all the dirt he knows about everything from the Stormy Daniels payofff to the Trump Tower Moscow project. Roughly a week ago we learned that during the election, Ivanka Trump helped set Cohen up with the Russians as part of that effort to get Trump Tower Moscow built. To get his plea deal, Cohen will have to give up every last detail of his coordination with Ivanka.

As Palmer Report has previously explained, the revelations about Ivanka Trump and Trump Tower Moscow do not specifically pin her for any crimes. But Cohen will have to provide all of the underlying details of her involvement. If she was willing to get her hands dirty enough to hook Cohen up with the Russians during the election, was she willing to go even further when it came to the Trump-Russia election conspiracy? We’ll soon find out.

Last week it was also alleged that Michael Cohen met with Melania Trump this past spring in order to plot against Stormy Daniels. Again, there is no known evidence that Melania committed any crime by meeting with Cohen. But now Cohen will have to testify about his meeting with Melania as well. These people had better hope they didn’t break any laws.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report