Donald Trump reveals that his cognitive abilities are just about gone

Let’s say you’re Donald Trump, and you’re so desperate for a “victory” that you’re willing to give away the farm to a two-bit loser like Kim Jong Un, for nothing more in return than a photo op. You already know the deal is going to blow up in your face, and you know you’ll eventually need to make excuses for why it failed. When you go in front of the cameras to try to sell the deal, instead of playing it up, you flat out admit that you think it’ll fail within six months, and then you flat out admit that you’re planning to simply blame someone else once that moment arrives. Oops.

Let’s further say that you find yourself trying to explain why your North Korea deal doesn’t include any requirement that North Korea actually give up any aspect of its nuclear program, let alone include any process for verifying that any aspect of the program has been given up. You admit that this didn’t make it into the deal because, in your words “we didn’t have time.” Double oops.

Let’s say your primary goal at the G7 summit is to do Russia’s bidding. The other G7 leaders remind you that they’re staunchly anti-Russia. When the final summit communique is crafted, you agree to it without reading it. Then, after it’s been announced that you signed off on it, you learn that it included a condemnation of Russia. Triple oops.

Donald Trump no longer has any control over what’s coming out of his mouth, and he’s giving away his own boneheaded schemes before he embarks on them. He’s getting owned by the opponents he goes up against, because he has no clue what’s going on. He’s signing off on statements he strongly disagrees with, either because he’s lost the cognitive ability to read, or he no longer understands the notion that his opponents might not agree with him. Trump is already physically and mentally struggling to get through the day. Now it’s becoming clear that his cognitive abilities are just about gone.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report