CNN’s Jeremy Diamond sticks it to Donald Trump after he goes berserk on Yamiche Alcindor

When Donald Trump got a question he didn’t like today from respected PBS NewsHour reporter Yamiche Alcindor, he began yelling at her and berating her, before having her mic cut off. He then called on a few other reporters who proceeded to act like the whole thing hadn’t happened. But then Trump called on CNN’s Jeremy Diamond.

Once Jeremy Diamond had the microphone in hand, he decided to walk over and give it back to Yamiche Alcindor so she could ask the followup question that she’d been trying to ask when Trump cut her off. Trump then tried to save face by insisting that he’d been planning to call on Yamiche next anyway, but no one was going to believe that.

Donald Trump backed down like a coward once he was confronted, because bullies are always cowards when it comes down to it. We need to see more of this from the White House Press Corps. Yamiche Alcindor deserves credit for standing her ground no matter how much Trump abuses her, and Jeremy Diamond deserves credit for handing the mic back to her.

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