CNN commentator goes there, accuses Donald Trump of “treason”

Over the past year, Palmer Report has consistently pointed out that Donald Trump’s actions in relation to the Russia scandal meet the popular definition of treason, and in the end it’ll merely come down to whether his actions also meet the strict legal definition of treason. Certainly he’s going to prison, but will he be charged with the mother of all crimes against his country? Fortunately, we’re no longer the only ones using the “T” word.

CNN commentator and presidential historian Tim Naftali appeared on air today after Special Counsel Robert Mueller obtained indictments against thirteen Russian nationals who conspired to rig the election in Trump’s favor. Naftali was asked what would happen if Trump tried to save himself by firing Mueller at this point. His answer: “I think any attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation at this point could credibly be described as treason.”

Let’s be clear here. Trump has spent months trying to figure out how to fire Mueller and his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and he’s gone to extreme and illegal lengths – including the Nunes memo – to try to make it happen. Trump has also known all along what he’s guilty of in the Trump-Russia plot. So by Naftali’s definition, Trump has already committed treason by trying to prevent Mueller from unearthing the treasonous election rigging plot.

It’s worth pointing out that presidential historians aren’t attorneys, and again, treason does have a strict legal definition. But as we explained earlier, today’s indictments establish that the Russian government committed an act of cyber war by attacking the U.S. election, which goes a long way to establishing the necessary parameters for treason. (link). In any case, we’ve now reached the point where even cable news commentators are accusing Trump of treason. That alone can significantly change how the public views Trump’s illegitimate and criminal presidency.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report