Donald Trump goes berserk after CNN reveals just how bad of shape he’s in

Donald Trump has spent all day behaving like even more of a lunatic than usual. He’s been tweeting rapid fire insults at political leaders, public figures, media outlets, you name it, as everything goes wrong for him. Now Trump is going berserk about a new CNN report:

I hear that Fake News CNN just reported that I am isolated in the White House, wondering out loud, “when will life return to normal?” Does anybody really believe that? There was no leak, they made it up – they are CORRUPT & FAKE NEWS. I have been packed all day with meetings, I have no time for stupidity. We’re working around the clock to KEEP AMERICA SAFE!

What the idiot doesn’t get is that he’s significantly amplifying CNN’s reporting by spelling it out in such detail while trying to deny it. The reality is that Trump is isolated in the White House, with just a small handful of senior advisers remaining. He has just about no one left, beyond Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and a few other stooges.

Trump generally does zero hours of work per day, instead preferring to sit in bed and watch Fox News. So if he’s putting in even the slightest effort during the coronavirus crisis, it must feel like real work to him. In any case, this tweet reveals that Trump isn’t anywhere close to being mentally and psychologically competent enough to be President. He must resign or be removed.

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