CNN just called Minnesota for Joe Biden, and it narrows Donald Trump’s path significantly

At this point Joe Biden’s primary path to victory consists of winning Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and not losing any of the blue states from 2016. The good news is he’s likely to win Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania once the mail-in votes are added to the current skewed vote totals. The tricky part is Biden can’t afford for Trump to flip any states.

That’s why it’s a big deal that CNN just called Minnesota in favor of Joe Biden. We always thought Minnesota was safe for Biden, but for some reason Donald Trump spent a ton of time and money and resources in the state. It was as if his internal polls told him he had a good shot there, and he was hoping to flip Minnesota in order to make up for potentially losing Michigan or Wisconsin.


Once the current “red mirage” is unskewed in the Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania numbers, Joe Biden is likely to be ahead in those states. Joe Biden is now on track to likely win.

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