CNN and MSNBC both pulled the plug on Donald Trump today

Donald Trump’s daily “coronavirus press conferences” are really just a combination of Trump campaign rally and disinformation fest. There has been mounting public pressure for the major cable news networks to stop airing these dangerously deranged debacles. Today, the public sorta kinda got its wish.

When Donald Trump’s press briefing began today, CNN declined to air it while Trump was talking. The minute Trump was finished, and one of the doctors took over, CNN immediately began airing it. MSNBC aired the press briefing from the start, but after it reached a point where Trump was using the Q&A session to spread false information, it cut him off in favor of a fact checking segment. A few minutes later, CNN also pulled the plug on Trump while he was still answering questions.

This means the two most reputable cable news networks both pulled the plug on the President of the United States today, one because he was spewing false information, and the other on the expectation that he was going to spew false information. This was the right thing to do, as Trump’s lies are getting people killed. Come to think of it, they shouldn’t be airing these debacles at all.

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