Donald Trump’s clown car of chaos finally crashes and burns

Donald Trump’s entire presidency has been a clown show – and that’s before getting to the criminal parts. Trump’s time in office has been equal parts horrifying crime spree and wildly inept comic relief. The past twenty-four hours have put those two tracks on a collision course, and now Trump is crashing and burning.

It’s perhaps fitting that Donald Trump, a reality show clown, entrusted a cartoon character like Gordon Sondland to carry out a criminal scandal that was incomprehensibly stupid on every level. Even if the President of Ukraine had been coerced into announcing that he was investigating Joe Biden, there’s no reason to expect it would have actually cost Biden any votes in 2020. It was a high-risk, low-reward play, clumsily carried out by people who were tripping over their own shoelaces, and there was no point to it anyway.

It’s the latest reminder that Donald Trump is nowhere even close to playing with a full deck. The guy now very much appears to honestly believe the phony conspiracy theories that he and his allies made up in the name of attracting the far right lunatic fringe vote. Trump has become the proverbial drug dealer who’s falling apart because he’s become too fond of his own product.

Donald Trump really thought that Gordon Sondland, a multimillionaire hotel executive who was bored and looking for an international adventure, and Rudy Giuliani, who’s now 85% senile, were viable henchmen for carrying out a plot to rig a U.S. presidential election. It never occurred to Trump that Sondland, who has a life outside this political lunacy, was going to sell him out if that’s what it took to save himself. Trump’s illegitimate presidency has been a clown car of chaos from the start, and now it’s finally crashing and burning.

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