Donald Trump is handing out classified information like candy

It’s long been clear that Donald Trump has no respect for the presidency, the government, the White House, or democracy itself. He also infamously gave classified information to the Russians while the met in the Oval Office in early 2017. Now an insider profile reveals that Trump – not shockingly – has routinely shown no respect for classified intel in general. In fact he’s been handing out classified information like candy.

In a lengthy new profile of Jared Kushner, the New Yorker reveals that Kushner is one of fourteen people who at one point were receiving Trump’s daily classified intel briefing (link). This is a problem because Kushner still doesn’t have permanent security clearance. This suggests that whatever he’s still hiding from the public about his role in the Russia investigation or his other overseas entanglements, the U.S. intel community is well aware of it, and keeps refusing to give him permanent clearance. But it gets worse.

Set aside, for a moment, the specter of the President of the United States giving classified information on a daily basis to his son-in-law, who is a key suspect in a treasonous criminal investigation, and who is apparently deemed some kind of security risk by the U.S. intel community. Consider that this daily classified intel was being given to fourteen different people in Trump’s orbit. A year into his presidency, and most of his White House senior advisers have already resigned in controversy or been fired. So these state secrets were being given to a whole lot of people who clearly never should have been in the building to begin with.

Donald Trump is handing out classified information like it’s his least favorite flavor of Starburst. He’s giving it to the Russians. He’s giving it to his criminal suspect son-in-law. He’s given it to advisers who have since been forced out of the White House entirely. Trump isn’t just the worst U.S. President of all time – he’s a security threat to the United States.

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