Donald Trump is circling the drain – and he’s taking the GOP with him

What happens when you align yourself with someone who is considered toxic? One guess: the toxicity rubs off on you. It is unavoidable. Such is the position in which Republicans find themselves as the 2020 election looms ahead. There must be some truth to that, as Republicans are in fear of losing their Senate majority.

According to the Hill, Republicans have a cash shortfall when compared to Democrats, 27 Republicans are retiring, and the RNC is spending its time on trying to get “president” Trump reelected. They also have little chance of taking back Congress because they need to win 17 seats, a tall order considering how many people have no interest in supporting Republicans. Interestingly, while there are apparently several (anonymous) Republicans who feel they have an uphill battle in 2020, there are others who, like Trump, see what they want to see.

Steve Scalise (R-LA) claims that “there has never been a clearer contrast in terms of a president who has successfully rebuilt the economy.” He is correct: President Obama did a fantastic job of bringing us from the brink of total collapse following George Bush’s policies that put us in line with the Great Depression. Scalise, of course, blames COVID for the collapse of the economy, but you must consider just how Trump would have done with the economy had COVID never entered the picture. If we look at his failed businesses, we would have been concerned either way. It is nothing for Trump to fail, file bankruptcy, and move on to his next disaster. Unfortunately, we have only one economy, and he would have failed at making it grow as much as he failed in his own businesses. Some Republicans see a vastly different picture than Scalise.

One Republican believes that had the election been already held, Republicans would have lost by a landslide. They all agree on one thing: Trump is the problem. They believe he does not have a “vision” for his second term, which any of us could have told them. All he does and knows how to do is spend our money and sow discord, neither of which is exactly a platform. To that end, some Republicans believe that Trump has made the election a referendum of Trump. Many voters do not want what Trump is trying to sell, and they are especially outraged at his non-handling of COVID.

Trump will continue to mismanage COVID, as he is completely clueless. Regardless of the type of tale Trump tries to spin from one week to the next, COVID is not going anywhere soon. As he continues to do nothing and people continue to die, his chances of reelection die with them. That is the only good thing about COVID, if you can say anything good about it at all. We live in abject fear, yet we are being “led” by one who continues to pretend it doesn’t exist and continues his racist ways by calling it “China flu.” Trump is his own worst enemy and the Democrats’ greatest gift.

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